This beautiful and traditional looking range is reminiscent of The Cotswolds, with its distinct soft colour and texture.  Our furniture and planters are hand made and hand painted.

If you love the pretty and scenic Cotswolds you will love our furniture and planters. 


Cotswold Stone Planters

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  

Square, oblong, shallow or deep, we are sure to have a planter to suit your needs.

All sizes are in stock. 


Cotswold Stone Classic Bench (large)

A hand cast hand painted straight bench.  

Sturdy and striking, but no less beautiful than it's sister the Small Bench the Large Bench will make a statement and enhance any outdoor area.  

Approximately 120 cm x 43 cm x 40 cm.


Cotswold Stone Classic Bench (small)

A hand cast hand painted straight bench.  

Sturdy and functional, this small bench will enhance any seating area.  Smaller than its sister, the Large Bench, but no less striking, this bench will make a statement in any area of your garden.

Approximately 90 cm x 33 cm x 40 cm.


Cotswold Curved bench

A hand cast hand painted curved bench.

An attractive and stylish bench that will fit in any garden design.  

Approximately 132 cm x 46 cm x 43 cm.


Cotswold Classic Stone Bird Bath

This delightful bird bath is hand cast and hand painted.  Ideal for your birds bathing requirements or just as a feature in your garden or patio area.

Approximately 76 cm high x 39 cm (diameter top) x 32 cm (base).


Cotswold Classic hand cast hand painted Sundial

A beautifully detailed Sundial with its striking face and shape.  This Sundial will add a touch of glamour and interest to any garden.

Approximately 39 cm diameter (top)  x 32 cm (base) x 70 cm high.